Statily: The Future of Workforce Management for IT and Software

Statily: The Future of Workforce Management for IT and Software

Introducing Statily – the comprehensive solution tailored to meet the specific needs of IT and software businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, our software is designed to help you manage your workforce, allocate resources effectively, and track employee performance seamlessly.

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Statily: The Smarter Way to Manage Your Workforce

We understand your challenges in managing the workforce efficiently. Statily is the perfect solution to help you overcome these challenges. We provide a User-friendly interface to adapt to the software quickly, at affordable pricing to access businesses of all budgets.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Tracking employee time and attendance manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. Statily enforces accurate tracking of employee attendance, making it easier to manage shifts, overtime, and leaves. Additionally, you can also keep record of employees’ work hours, ensuring transparency, and reducing manual tracking errors.

Flexible and remote work support

Real-time visibility

Insights for productivity enhancement

Employee Scheduling

Creating and managing employee schedules can be complex, especially when dealing with multiple shifts, part-time employees, and constantly changing work requirements. With Statily, you can efficiently manage employee schedules. It ensures that the right employees are assigned to the appropriate works, optimizing resource allocation and preventing over or underutilization of staff.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Seamless shift management

Accurate tracking

Automated Screenshots

Accurate proof of work is important for any software companies to eradicate disputes. Statily captures periodic screenshots and has a visual record of employees’ screen activities, helping managers gain insights into their work patterns. Automated screen monitoring facilitates accountability, leading to enhanced efficiency and performance.

Activity tracking

Proof of work

Improves productivity

App & URL Tracking

Having insights on the app and websites visited is crucial especially when it comes to managing and optimizing employee productivity. With Statily, you can monitor and analyze the apps and websites accessed by the employees during work hours. Further, this feature can also monitor and restrict access to unauthorized or non-work-related apps and websites.

Productivity Optimization

Employee Accountability

Security and Data Protection

Performance Tracking

Effective monitoring of employee performance and productivity is vital for IT and software companies. Statily helps you in Setting performance goals, track individual and team performance metrics, and provide timely feedback to employees. This facilitates performance reviews and helps identify high-performing employees as well as areas for improvement.

Detailed Reports and Feedbacks

Objective Performance Metrics

Timely Performance Reviews

Reporting and Analytics

IT and software companies have to efficiently gather, analyse, and present data. Generates comprehensive reports and analytics on various workforce-related metrics. These insights can assist IT companies in making data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation, capacity planning and overall workforce optimization.

Customizable Reports

Comprehensive Data Visualization

Workforce Optimization

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Workforce Management Software: A Must-Have for Any Growing Business

Statily increases productivity and efficiency

It promotes better engagement and empowers employees

Accurate proof with visual records of works

This software helps in precise time and attendance tracking

Simplifies the process of creating and managing employee schedules

The software facilitates effective leave and absence management

Workforce management software generates real-time reporting and analytics

It enables seamless communication fostering better coordination, feedback, & collaboration

Experience the power of Statily Workforce Management Software and witness firsthand how it enables you to elevate your workforce management. Embark on a transformative journey towards greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.