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Employee Monitoring Software

Effortlessly track & manage your workforce with Statily, the go-to option for individuals and teams looking to make the most of their time and accomplish their goals, from simple time logging to sophisticated analytics.

Real-time Monitoring

App & URL Tracking

Automated Screenshot

Automated Time Tracking

Absence & Shift Management

Billing & Invoice

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Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring capabilities can be crucial for detecting and responding to issues quickly, allowing managers to address problems as they arise.

Actvity Tracking & insights

Detailed report

Automated Timesheet

Productivity tracker

App & URL Tracking

This feature allows employers to monitor apps and URL used by employees on their devices, such as websites visited, documents accessed, and applications used.

Usage Monitoring

App Categorization

Productivity Analysis

Analytics & Reports

Automated Screenshot

Statily periodically takes screenshots of users' screens, making it possible to accurately visualise work progress and improve team accountability. Users can easily review their activity, share transparent visual proof of their productivity, and promote a data-driven approach to time management.

Enhanced Accountability

Accurate Progress Tracking

Data-Driven Insights

Performance Analysis

Automated  Time Tracking

This simplifies time management for businesses by automatically tracking time of the user. Thus, this provides valuable insights into user timesheets.

Clock in & Clock out 

User Timeline

Idle Time Tracking

Productive & Non Productive Time Tracking

Shift Management

With Statily's comprehensive shift management solutions, businesses can effectively plan and oversee employee shifts, ensuring optimal staffing levels and smooth operations.

Shift Planning 

Shift Templates

Shift Swapping

Shift Reports

Absence Management

This can help organizations optimize their workforce management, reduce administrative burdens, and make informed business decisions based on accurate data.

Real-time visibility

Attendance and leave reports

Ensure compliance

Attendance and leave policies

Make Your Workforce
Most Productive

Boosts Productivity

Employers can track the activities of their staff members while they are at work using Statily.

Data-Driven Insights

We offer employers valuable data on employee productivity, compliance, and time management. 

Ensures Compliance

Statily helps employers ensure policy and regulatory compliance among employees.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Statily includes a screen monitoring/tracking feature that allows employers to monitor their employees' work progress during work hours. This can be a useful tool for businesses to ensure that employees are on task and making the most of their time. By keeping track of screen activity, Statily can help businesses improve their productivity and achieve their goals more effectively.

Yes,Please note that if you disable the Statily app, it could have an impact on any services or features that depend on it, such as activity tracking, time tracking etc. Disabling the app would mean that you won't have the ability to track time effectively.

An employee monitoring application is a software designed to support employers in monitoring their employees' activities. Typically, it works by tracking activities on devices such as laptops and desktops used by employees, providing employers with comprehensive workforce analytics and valuable insights.

An employee monitoring application can gather various types of information, including keystrokes, mouse clicks, active and inactive time, as well as track the usage of applications and websites. Furthermore, it has the capability to monitor network fluctuations and maintain a record of employee activities even during offline periods, updating the information once the network connection is restored.

An employee monitoring app can assist you in streamlining organizational workflows, increasing team productivity, and identifying and resolving performance issues. It can assist you in making data-driven decisions and enhancing the performance of your team by offering real-time insights and analytics.

Yes, Statily ensures maximum data security by prioritizing the privacy and protection of the collected data. Robust access controls, encryption, and other advanced security measures are implemented, along with regular security audits, to guarantee the safety of user information. Moreover, we recognize the significance of adhering to explicit data privacy laws and regulations, further enhancing the overall data security provided by our app

Certainly! Our app is designed specifically for monitoring remote employees. It allows you to effortlessly track and manage your distributed teams, regardless of their geographical locations. With our solution, you can easily monitor and evaluate the activities and achievements of your remote team members across various devices and work settings. Moreover, our app provides real-time insights and analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions and effectively assess performance.

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