Hybrid Workforce Management Software

Hybrid Workforce Management Software

Hybrid workforce management software is a solution designed to facilitate the management and optimization of a workforce that consists of both remote and in-office employees. Statily’s hybrid workforce management software enables organizations to centralize workforce oversight and enhance communication. It also helps optimize productivity through real-time analytics, empowering efficient hybrid workforce management.

Discover the future of work with Statily’s seamless hybrid workforce management platform.

Transform Your Hybrid Workforce with Statily

At Statily, we understand that every organization has unique workflows, roles, and processes. Our hybrid workforce management software is designed to be highly customizable and configurable, ensuring a tailored fit for your organization. Here’s how Statily’s software adapts to your specific requirements & promotes seamless integration and ease of use:

Tailored to Your Organization

Customization Capabilities

Statily’s software offers extensive customization options to match your organization’s unique workflows, functions, and operations. Statily can conform to your current procedures ensuring smooth integration.

Role-based Permissions

You can define role-based permissions and access controls using our software to give various user groups the right levels of access. This makes sure that each user has entry to the features and data they need to effectively carry out their roles.

Flexible Workflow Automation

Workflow Streamlining

Statily’s software automates workflows and streamlines operations, boosting productivity by reducing manual work. To free up your team’s time for high-value work, automation rules can be set up to handle repetitive tasks, authorizations & alerts.

Configurable Automation Rules

Our software provides configurable automation rules that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. You have the flexibility to define triggers, conditions, and actions for automated workflows, ensuring they align with your unique processes and requirements.

Exploring Feature-Rich Solutions of Statily

Workforce Dashboard

Statily offers a centralised dashboard that provides a view of their hybrid workforce. It makes easy work force monitoring and management possible by displaying real-time information on employee availability, & work status

Flexible Schedule & Shift

Organisations can easily create and manage flexible schedules for their hybrid workforce using Statily. Managers can easily assign shifts, manage availability, and deal with shift swaps ,thanks to the software’s user-friendly shift planning tools.

Communication & Collab

The software from Statily integrates with well-known communication tools to enable smooth team communication and collaboration. Within a single platform, it makes real-time messaging, and task management possible.

Time and Attendance Tracking

To precisely track employee work hours and attendance, the software has reliable time and attendance tracking features. In order to guarantee accurate and trustworthy data, it supports a variety of time tracking techniques, including manual entry, & clock-in/out.

Performance Evaluation

With the help of Statily’s software, hybrid teams can assess their performance and set goals. To promote employee growth and development, managers can set performance metrics, monitor results, offer feedback, and carry out performance reviews.

Resource Allocation

By balancing workloads across the hybrid workforce, the software helps to maximise resource allocation. It offers information on the workload, skills, and availability of employees, allowing managers to assign tasks efficiently and guarantee a fair distribution of work .

Analytics & Reporting

The software from Statily has strong reporting and analytics capabilities. It offers managers thorough reports and visualisations on the performance, productivity, and collaboration of the workforce. These revelations enable data-driven decision-making and promote ongoing development.

Data Security

Statily gives data security and compliance top priority. Sensitive employee information is protected and data privacy is upheld thanks to the software’s data encryption, encrypted access controls and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Training & Support

To help businesses successfully implement and use the software, Statily offers thorough training and ongoing support. This consists of training materials, written materials, and a specialised support group to address any issues.

Statily Goes Remote: Unlocking Productivity from Anywhere

At Statily, we understand the importance of enabling productivity & collaboration for remote workers. Our hybrid workforce management software includes features designed to support the unique needs of remote work. Here’s how Statily empowers remote work and enhances productivity

Effective Communication

Statily offers real-time messaging and video conferencing for effective communication.The software enables remote workers to collaborate, seek information, and ask questions thereby fostering better teamwork .

Task Management and Tracking

Boost productivity and organization with Statily for efficient task management and tracking for remote workers. Stay on track with assigned tasks, track progress, and receive timely notifications for objectives and due dates .

Collaborative Workspaces

With the help of Statily, remote team members can participate in discussions, and work together on projects. This makes it possible to communicate easily no matter where people are physically located .

Safeguarding Statily’s Security & Preserving Data Privacy

At Statily, we prioritize the security & privacy of your sensitive data. We understand the importance of safeguarding critical information and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Our hybrid workforce management software is secured and data is kept private in the follwing ways :

Robust Security Measures

Encryption Protocols

Strong encryption protocols are used by Statily to safeguard data while it is in transit and at rest. Your information will be kept private and secure as a result.

Access Controls

Our software ensures strict access controls, defining user roles and permissions to maintain data integrity and confidentiality for authorized personnel.

Data Backup and Recovery

Regular Data Backups

Statily’s software features routine data backups stored securely, protecting against data loss from hardware or software issues.

Business Continuity

Statily’s software ensures quick data recovery for uninterrupted operations and minimal downtime .

Transform challenges into opportunities. Equip your workforce with Statily’s hybrid management tools.