Shift Management

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Shift Management

The efficient employee scheduling and ideal workforce provided by Statily’s shift management system ensure smooth operations. It empowers businesses to optimize workforce management, ensuring efficient scheduling of shifts for enhanced productivity.

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Intelligent Shift Optimization from Statily

Shift Creation

By defining shift specifics like start & end times, duration, location, and particular job requirements, businesses can easily streamline shift creation, ensuring effective scheduling of workforce resources.

Shift Scheduling

Businesses are given flexibility by Statily to efficiently schedule shifts for a variety of workforces. It supports varying employee preferences for availability, multiple shifts per day, and revolving schedules.

Real-time Notifications

Stay connected and informed with real-time notifications and seamless communication features in Statily, ensuring effective coordination and timely updates for shift management.

Mobile Access

Statily empowers users to handle shift management anytime, anywhere, from checking schedules to approving time-off requests and notifying employees of shift changes.

Elevate Your Shift Management Game
Why Statily Stands Out

Our shift management solution encompasses a wide range of features, enabling you to effortlessly handle every aspect of shifts. We are also equipped with advanced functionalities such as shift analytics, time-off management, and integration capabilities, setting it apart from competitors.
Statily goes beyond basic shift management by offering advanced optimization algorithms. Optimize shifts and boost employee satisfaction with our intelligent algorithms that consider availability, skills, and preferences for optimal shift assignments.
We present workflows that are adaptable, enabling businesses to personalise the shift management procedure to satisfy their unique requirements. With Statily’s flexible shift management system, which can be customised to meet your particular business requirements and operational workflows, you can stand out from the competition.

From Insights to Impact:
Achieve Shift Excellence with Statily’s Comprehensive Analytics

Data-driven Decision Making

Businesses can gain insightful knowledge into their shift operations by employing Statily’s extensive analytics and reporting capabilities. Utilising information on shift performance, employee productivity, and scheduling patterns, businesses can optimise resource allocation and shift planning.

Continuous Monitoring & Adaptation

This enables organisations to keep track of shift performance in real-time, facilitating a continuous process of evaluation and improvement. Businesses can identify and address potential issues by keeping an eye on key metrics and KPIs, which helps them maintain ongoing excellence through proactive adaptation and correction.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Statily simplifies shift scheduling, keeps track of employee attendance, and facilitates simple staff communication.

Absolutely, Statily supports a wide range of shift patterns, including rotating schedules, making it appropriate for businesses with various scheduling requirements.

Yes, Statily has a mobile app that enables managers and staff to access shift information and make updates while on the go.

Sure, employees can receive real-time notifications from Statily about their upcoming shifts and any schedule modifications.

Yes, Statily has a feature that allows employees to ask for time off, and managers can review and approve those requests.

Yes, by enabling staff to request and manage these changes within the system, Statily makes it easier for shift swaps and replacements.

Absolutely, Statily can be designed to meet particular shift management needs and is intended to serve the needs of different industries.

Yes, Statily provides options for integration with other HR and payroll systems, enabling smooth data synchronisation and exchange.