Automated Screen Monitoring

Discover actionable insights and make informed decisions with Statily’s comprehensive analytics.

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Suspicious Screenshot

Wave goodbye to unproductive browsing. With lightning-fast precision, Statily captures screenshots whenever it detects users engaging with non-productive applications. This ensures a focussed work environment thereby achieving remarkable results.

Screen Time Analytics

Gain complete visibility into your employees’ app usage like never before. With precision and accuracy, Statily provides you with the exact time spent on both productive and unproductive applications. Drive productivity, streamline workflows, and cultivate an efficient culture with Statily’s insightful screen time analytics.

The Ultimate Choice for

Time Tracking with Screenshots

Increased Accountability

Automated screenshots from Statily’s platform offer visual proof of work progress, ensuring that team members are responsible for their time and activities and promoting a culture of accountability and openness.

Accurate Time Tracking

Automated screenshots captured by Statily provide a visual record of work-related screen activity. They also serve as a reliable & transparent method for freelancers to precisely document billable hours.

Enhanced Productivity Insights

Statily provides helpful insights into individual and group productivity patterns, discovering areas for growth and optimising resource allocation by analysing the automated screenshots.

Smart Work Made Simple With Statily

Resource Allocation

Statily assists your team in effectively allocating resources, locating roadblocks, and redistributing workforce to maximise productivity and meet work objectives by analysing time utilisation data.

Work-Life Balance

Statily ensures work-life balance by monitoring time allocation and preventing overwork. As such, Statily fosters a positive and sustainable work culture that enhances employee satisfaction and retention.

Time Management

Statily enables your team to prioritise works more effectively, maintain focus, and manage their time more effectively by providing features like time blocking, reminders, along with productivity tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Statily periodically takes screenshots of user screens to give users a visual overview of their work activities .

Yes, you can modify Statily’s settings to set the number of screenshots to take based on your preferences.

Statily prioritises privacy and lets you control which screens or applications are recorded, ensuring that monitoring and privacy are not out of balance.

Automated screen monitoring makes it easier to keep track of employees, improve accountability, and offer insightful productivity data for effective time management .

Yes, Statily enables you to view the screenshots that were taken in real-time, giving you the most recent information about the work being done by your team .

Absolutely! The automated screen monitoring tool from Statily is made to help remote teams, showing proof of work and promoting collaboration wherever it is needed .

Statily places a high priority on data security and makes sure that the screenshots it captures are stored safely using standards-based encryption techniques .

Statily’s settings give you control over whether or not certain periods of time or activities, like breaks or personal activities, should be excluded from screenshot taking.