Remote Workforce Management Software

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Remote Workforce Management Software

Statily facilitates comprehensive management of remote workforces, providing employers with efficient tools to track and monitor employee productivity, effectively manage schedules, and foster collaboration among distributed teams. With advanced analytics and real-time communication tools, our software empowers organizations to optimize remote work processes, enhance accountability, and drive overall team performance.

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Elevating Remote Workforce Management

Why Statily is the Ultimate Choice

Time Tracking and Reporting

This empowers businesses to efficiently manage their remote workforce by accurately tracking their working hours, tasks, and productivity. With Statily’s remote employee monitoring software, managers can gain valuable insights into employee performance, allocate resources effectively, and ensure optimal productivity across the remote teams.

Employee Monitoring and Engagement

Remote employee monitoring software of Statily provides businesses with a powerful tool to effectively manage and engage their remote workforce. By offering real-time monitoring of employee activities, performance metrics, and personalized engagement features, Statily enables managers to foster productivity, boost team collaboration, and maintain a positive work environment, even in remote settings.

Driving Remote Workforce Success
How Statily Leads the Way

Discover how Statily sets the standard in leading remote teams to achieve productivity, collaboration, and growth in the modern workplace.

With its seamless integration and compatibility across multiple work platforms, Statily enables efficient time tracking and facilitates streamlined remote collaboration.

By implementing strong security and privacy measures, Statily safeguard sensitive data and create a secure work environment for employees working remotely.

The personalization of work processes with customizable workflows and notifications in Statily results in enhanced productivity and engagement.

Statily’s Advanced Remote Workforce Analytics

Time & Attendance Tracking

Statily simplifies the task of monitoring employee attendance, empowering businesses to efficiently oversee and optimize the time utilization of their remote workforce. It also eliminates errors & provides accurate insights.

Insights and Reporting

Businesses can level up the power of comprehensive data analysis and visualization tools to derive valuable and actionable insights on productivity and performance within their remote workforce.

Compliance & Audit Trail

Statily ensures compliance and establishes a reliable audit trail for seamless audits and meeting regulatory obligations. As such, it minimizes risks, ensures compliance, and preserves trust, avoiding penalties and harm.

Empower Your Team, Exceed Your Goals

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Securing Data and Protecting Confidentiality

At Statily, we understand the importance of safeguarding your valuable data and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information in a remote work environment. We have implemented robust measures to protect your data and maintain the highest level of security.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and confidentiality. By implementing advanced encryption techniques, stringent access controls, and ongoing monitoring, we provide you with peace of mind in your remote work environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Statily periodically takes screenshots of user screens to give users a visual overview of their work activities .

Yes, you can modify Statily’s settings to set the number of screenshots to take based on your preferences.

Statily prioritises privacy and lets you control which screens or applications are recorded, ensuring that monitoring and privacy are not out of balance.

Automated screen monitoring makes it easier to keep track of tasks, improve accountability, and offer insightful productivity data for effective time management .

Yes, Statily enables you to view the screenshots that were taken in real-time, giving you the most recent information about the work being done by your team .

Absolutely! The automated screen monitoring tool from Statily is made to help remote teams, showing proof of work and promoting collaboration wherever it is needed .

Statily places a high priority on data security and makes sure that the screenshots it captures are stored safely using standards-based encryption techniques .

Statily’s settings give you control over whether or not certain periods of time or activities, like breaks or personal activities, should be excluded from screenshot taking.