Empowering Online Education with Effective Workforce Management

Empowering Online Education with Effective Workforce Management

Statily, the forefront provider of workforce management software is here to reshape the online education industry. We equip educators by providing comprehensive solutions to manage, maintain, and enhance their workforce. In Statily, we provide efficient tools for exceptional experiences for educators worldwide.

Statily for the Future of Online Education

Increased Productivity

With statily, you get reports on how educators spent their work hours, including class time, doubt clearing sections, and more, accompanied by screenshots and snapshots. By accurately tracking time and attendance, educators can assess their time management skills and identify areas for improvement. Hence, improving productivity.

Comprehensive insights

Accurate assessment

Improved efficiency

Enhanced Collaborations

Statily provides a centralized platform where educators can know what they are working on, how much time they have worked, and they can also know who is working on what. facilitates collaboration for online educators by providing performance monitoring features. It supports efficient communication among team members and helps educators track their productivity.

Efficient Communication

Performance Insights

Continuous Improvement

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis and reporting capabilities can generate reports on various aspects of performance and resource utilization. Educators and administrators can leverage this data to make informed decisions, identify trends, and implement strategies to improve the effectiveness of online education programs. Get detailed reports on:

Attendance management

Leave management

Number of classes taught

Improved Student Experience

The effective use of workforce management software improves the overall student experience in online education. By tracking teacher availability and scheduling, workforce management software ensures that classes are consistently staffed, minimizing cancellations or rescheduling. By utilizing various features and functionalities, it enables educators to provide a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

Seamless Scheduling

Streamlined collaboration

Reliable support

Embrace Efficiency, Collaboration, and Productivity with Statily

Online Education on the Path to Success

Valuable Insights into Teaching Techniques

Revolutionize the field of online education by providing valuable support to educators and ensure the highest quality of teaching. You can keep a watchful eye on educators and capture valuable insights into their teaching techniques in real time with automated screen monitoring feature.

Improved Teaching Effectiveness

Track the time spent on educational apps & websites and identify patterns and trends that may impact teaching efficiency. This offers insights into educator engagement, productivity, and accountability. Consequently, online educators are able to harness technology in a proficient manner, encouraging an enhanced learning environment for their students.

Accurate Attendance Management

Statily’s Time & Attendance Management feature bridges the gap by providing a digital solution that is specifically tailored for remote educators. Managers can track their educator’s attendance, clock-in/out time, and maintain timesheets automatically This enables education administrators to efficiently monitor and optimize the online education environment.

Flexible Scheduling

Plan and manage shifts with Statily, simplifying workforce management for online education. Our flexible scheduling for varying time zones helps to enable educators to indicate their availability. This automated process ensures fairness and optimizes workforce utilization.

Statily to Ignite Your Workforce Management

We’ve developed Statily – the powerful, user-friendly workforce management software meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of educational institutions in the digital era. Watch what Statily provides:

Enhanced productivity and efficiency through automated monitoring and tracking

Accurate proof of data with screenshots and snapshots

Improved compliance with teaching standards and quality assurance

Simplified attendance management and accurate time tracking

Streamlined shift planning and allocation for optimal resource utilization

Streamlined shift planning and allocation for optimal resource utilization

It’s time to embrace Statily, where online education institutes can transform their operations, boost productivity, and deliver a seamless and efficient online learning environment. Take advantage of Statily’s features and experience the benefits it offers in revamping the landscape of online education.

Get started with Statily today and enjoy exceptional educational outcomes!