Time and Attendance Management

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Time and Attendance Management

This serves as a valuable tool for businesses, enabling them to effectively monitor and handle employee working hours and attendance. By providing accurate and real-time data on employee attendance, Statily empowers businesses to optimize scheduling, streamline payroll processes, and ensure compliance with labor regulations.

Stay informed and stay ahead with Statily’s real-time employee monitoring tools.

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Real-Time Attendance Tracking

Attendance Reports

It boosts organizational productivity and efficiency by tracking trends and identifying areas for improvement.

Improved Accountability

Statily promotes accountability by tracking employee attendance, enhancing workforce transparency and responsibility.

Flexible Time Tracking Methods


Statily offers reliable clock-in/out options, enabling accurate attendance management for businesses with convenient web-based and mobile solutions.


Statily simplifies time tracking and attendance management with customizable timesheets and user-friendly interfaces.

Leave Management and Time-off Requests

Leave Tracking

Statily simplifies leave tracking by providing a comprehensive system that allows employees to request and manage their leave seamlessly.

Resource Planning

Statily boosts efficiency with advanced scheduling, real-time visibility, and intelligent resource utilization for productivity.

Employee Scheduling and Shift Management

Availability Management

Statily streamlines operations with real-time updates for effortless employee availability tracking and planning.

Shift Allocation

Statily enhances workforce management with intuitive scheduling and real-time tracking, ensuring optimized workforce management.

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Time Savings

Statily’s automated time and attendance feature saves time and streamlines workforce management. It eliminates manual calculations and paperwork, enabling accurate tracking and simplifying payroll administration. Experience seamless integration with payroll systems for seamless and error-free payroll processing.


Ensure precise time tracking and accurate payroll calculations with Statily’s automated time and attendance feature, eliminating errors and promoting data accuracy. By automating the process and providing accurate data, Statily empowers businesses to maintain a high level of precision in time tracking and attendance management.


Achieve compliance effortlessly with Statily’s time and attendance feature, ensuring accurate tracking & reliable documentation for labor regulations. With built-in features for managing overtime, and other labor requirements, Statily empowers businesses to maintain compliance and mitigate risks associated with time tracking and attendance management.


Enhance productivity with Statily by providing businesses with streamlined processes for tracking employee work hours, thereby freeing up valuable time. With accurate data and automated calculations, Statily empowers businesses in order to optimize productivity and focus on core works.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Statily’s time and attendance feature uses various methods such as biometric data, time clocks, or mobile apps to record employee clock-ins and clock-outs.

Yes, Statily’s time and attendance feature supports customizable shift patterns, allowing businesses to accommodate various working schedules.

Yes, with Statily’s self-service portal, employees can view their own time and attendance records, including hours worked, leave requests, and overtime.

Absolutely, Statily can integrate with any kind of payroll system, simplifying the process of calculating wages based on the recorded time and attendance data.

Yes, Statily’s time and attendance feature includes a time-off management module that allows employees to request time off and managers to approve or reject those requests.

The time and attendance feature in Statily is made to abide by labour laws, including those pertaining to overtime calculations and record-keeping requirements.

Statily’s time and attendance feature provides real-time visibility, allowing managers to keep an eye on employee attendance and quickly address any problems.

Yes, Statily offers thorough attendance reports with insights into employee attendance trends, lateness, absences, and other attendance-related information.