Statily Healthcare Workforce Management Software

Statily Healthcare Workforce Management Software

Introducing Statily Workforce Management Software for the healthcare industry. Streamline scheduling, maximise resources, and enhance productivity with our comprehensive solution. Efficiently manage your healthcare workforce and improve patient care with our advanced software.

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Transform Healthcare Workforce Management with Statily

Attendance Management

With our attendance tracking system, Statily automates the process of tracking and managing staff attendance, and absences. The software also enables the integration of biometric time clocks, which enhance accuracy and eliminate manual errors in recording attendance data.

Automated Tracking

Timesheet Keeping

Leave Management

Enhanced Staff Allocation

Statily provides healthcare organizations with real-time visibility into their workforce. This helps managers quickly identify staffing shortages or surpluses and make adjustments as needed. Further, it can help healthcare organizations optimize scheduling by taking into account of staff availability. This ensures that staff members are scheduled for the right shifts.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Shift Management

Resource Allocation

Improved Patient Care

With Statily, healthcare staff can focus more on providing quality care to patients. By automating administrative works and simplifying shift management, the software frees up time for healthcare professionals to dedicate to patient care, leading to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Efficient Workflows

Optimal Staffing Levels

Improved Communications

Cost Optimization

Efficient workforce management aids healthcare organizations control labor costs. By accurately tracking time, attendance, leave management, forecasting staffing needs and avoiding unnecessary overtime expenses, the software enables cost savings while maintaining appropriate staffing levels.

Efficient Scheduling

Resource Utilization

Labor Cost Control

Data Security

Healthcare industries include many confidential documents like patient records, employee information, financial data, and other sensitive data files. Statily allows you to enforce strict access controls to ensure that only authorized ones can view or edit these confidential documents. This ensures compliance with industry regulations and maintains patient and organizational data privacy.

Robust Encryption

Regular Data Backups

Access Control

Increased Employee Satisfaction

By utilizing Statily, healthcare organizations can improve employee satisfaction. The software facilitates automated time tracking, employee shifts, and productivity insights. These data contribute to a healthier work-life balance and foster a positive work environment.

Enhanced Work Life Balance

Fair and Equitable Scheduling

Enhanced Collaboration

Data-Driven Decision Making

Health organiztions with Statily can make informed decisions regarding staffing, resource allocation, and productivity based on accurate data, leading to better operational efficiency and strategic planning.

Accurate Insights

Continuous Improvement

Improved Efficiency

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Tailoring Statily to Your Healthcare Workflow

At Statily, we understand that every healthcare organization has its unique set of systems and software in place. Our goal is to provide you with a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your organization’s needs and workflows. Statily can be integrated with:

EHR System

Integrate Statily with the EHR (Electronic Health Records) system and access critical patient information such as appointment schedules, patient acuity levels, and specific care requirements.

Payroll System

Accurately track staff’s work hours, overtime, and leaves by integrating payroll systems with Statily. This simplifies the payroll process, saving time and ensuring fair compensation for your staff.

Customization for Unique Workflows

We recognize that every healthcare organization operates differently and has specific workflows in place. Statily offers extensive customization options to accommodate your unique requirements and ensure a seamless fit with your existing processes.

Our aim is to help your healthcare services the very best they can be. Join the growing community of healthcare superiors who trust Statily to deliver tailored solutions that revolutionize their operations.