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App & URL Tracker

Employers can effectively monitor and analyze employee activities within applications and across websites using Statily. As such, employers can gain valuable insights into employee behavior and usage patterns, enhancing transparency and optimizing workflow efficiency.

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App & URL Tracker

Gain complete visibility into your team’s digital landscape as Statily meticulously tracks the apps and URLs they engage with. Use the versatility of this feature to boost productivity and take your business to another level, from eliminating distractions to guaranteeing policy compliance.


App Usage Logs

Statily meticulously tracks the time spent on each app used, giving you insightful information about your team’s digital behaviour. With detailed insights and engaging visualizations, managers and employees gain a crystal-clear understanding of app usage patterns, empowering them to optimize their time.


Productive Time Tracker

Stay in control of your workday as Statily keeps tabs on the apps that fuel your productivity. Plus, it also highlights time-draining apps that are unproductive, helping you identify and eliminate productivity pitfalls. Make the most of Statily to skyrocket your focus and accomplish your goals like a productivity pro.


App Categorization

Seamlessly track the app usage of your workforce. Statily goes beyond mere statistics by categorizing apps into two distinct groups: productive & non-productive. With this insightful information, businesses may go up productivity through fostering the use of effective apps while reducing time spent on non-essential ones.


Document Title Tracker

As your workforce uses various documents, Statily goes the extra mile by tracking the titles of those documents, providing valuable strategic insights. Businesses can quickly identify and categorise documents using this feature based on their titles, making it easier to search for, retrieve, and manage important documents.

Your Go-To Solution for App and URL Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Statily offers real-time monitoring of URL and app activity enabling you to follow user interactions, spot performance issues, and make data-driven decisions. This enhances the user experience of your application or website.

User Behavior Analysis

This analyses as well as interprets user behaviour by employing advanced analytics. As such, businesses are now able to use it to get insightful information on user behaviour. Thus, this in turn helps them tailor their tactics.

Security Monitoring

The Security Monitoring function in the app ensures that user data is protected and that any potential security breaches are avoided by providing real-time surveillance and sophisticated threat detection capabilities.

Intelligent Core Elements to
Maximize your Productivity

This gives you useful information about how users interact with your app. You can gain a thorough understanding of user behaviour and preferences by computer tracking like app session lengths, screen flow, and feature usage. With this knowledge, you can improve the user experience, design, and functionality of your app to increase satisfaction and engagement.

You can track and keep an eye on how visitors interact with your website using this feature. It collects statistics on user engagement and website performance, including page views, unique visitors, referral sources, and visitor demographics. You may boost your website’s design, content, and marketing strategies for better user experiences and increase conversions by analysing this data.

This gives you important insight into the efficiency of your team or company. Data on team and individual performance metrics, including task completion rates, time spent on various activities, and project milestones attained, are provided. With the help of these insights, you can pinpoint areas that need improvement, optimise processes, and come to data-driven conclusions that will increase productivity and efficiency as a whole.

Statily provides real-time analytics, allowing users to view and analyze app and website data as it happens. This enables timely decision-making and immediate response to performance trends or issues. It also offers interactive data visualization making it easier for users to interpret and communicate the insights derived from their app and website data.

Data-Driven Decision Making with Comprehensive Reports

All-inclusive Metrics

In a single comprehensive view, this presents a detailed overview of all data points and key performance indicators, enabling a holistic understanding of the information at hand.

Actionable Insights

Through thorough data analysis, this offers valuable insights and recommendations, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and take effective action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Statily gathers information on user interactions, page load times, conversion rates, and other pertinent metrics using a variety of analytics tools and tracking codes.

Yes, Statily offers real-time app and URL performance monitoring, enabling you to find problems quickly.

Absolutely, you can configure custom alerts in Statily to receive notifications when specific performance metrics cross predetermined thresholds.

Statily offers insights to optimise your app and URL for better user experience, provides detailed performance reports, pinpoints obstacles and offers insights.

Yes, Statily enables you to assess the effects of updates or changes by comparing the performance of various app iterations or URL variations.

Depending on the particular pricing plan, the App & URL feature might not always be available. For more information on Statily’s plans in detail, please visit here: Pricing